Giving back to the industry that gave us everything

We are a group of friends and investors united by our love for video games and who created a fully privately owned venture fund exclusively for core and indie multiplatform licenses

Our product-centered approach aims at filtering, assessing and early funding impactful PC & consoles titles that will drive traction and revenues

We have a fifteen years know-how in the industry and brought our former gaming companies to high profitability and up to the point of publicly listing them

We work jointly with governments, marketing agencies, payments and distribution service providers to guide the talents of tomorrow on the path to successful releases

Gaming money, smart money

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Developer Friendly

We are not a bank, we are not a family office, we are not an institution. Every penny invested comes from our own pockets. You talk directly with the investors, you talk directly with us

Clever cash

We have built brands from scratch. While doing so we gathered an extensive savoir-faire in digital distribution, royalties, payment service providers, social affiliation, influencer marketing, SEO-SEM and monetization of virtual economies

Start small, end big

As much as we like to feed on pizzas while spending countless hours online griefing kids, we also focus on driving scalable business. Phenomenal financial results can bring IPOs. Amazing intellectual property leads to acquisitions. We have been there already, let’s go again this time together

Insider advising

In an ever denser release schedule, successfully launching a game has become a very valuable craft. Selling games is the core of our DNA, so whether you want the best conditions with a publisher or opt for self-publishing, consider us as an enhancer in getting the best possible deal or launch strategy


Games Sold

We witnessed over more than a decade what gamers wanted and delivered it to them

Now we intend to do the same by financing projects players look forward to get their hands on




Pioneer in bringing games distribution from physical to digital in Europe from 2005, he also facilitated the world wide emergence of real money transactions for digital goods linked to virtual economies allowing millions of players to exchange items and in-game currencies in 100+ titles. Pushing his gaming ventures from garage business to an IPO's opening bell, he remains humble in anything he undertakes. His approach of "Players first" bases his decision making entirely on many successful years navigating the gaming industry and giving gamers what they want. Guilty pleasures : MMOs, RPG's, RTS's and a moderate consumption of AAA titles


CEO & Investment partner

Kicked off in the industry witnessing the evolution of games distribution working for french start-up Nexway managing retail accounts like Amazon Europe, Deutsche Telekom and publishers like Electronic Arts, Bethesda, Warner Bros, ArenaNet [...]. 2014 he joined Mikel's ventures as head of game operations and helped push the 100 employees structure to outstanding financial results. Quadrilingual and considering Goat simulator as the best game ever created, Bertrand's ultimate goal is to make Game Seer a highly performing entity in funding studios producing iterations that metacritics will unanimously praise. Guilty pleasures : Old MMOs, Souls games and way too many indies


Head of communication

Oliver started his professional career in the industry in 2001 as a game journalist for Europe's largest computer games magazine “Computerbild Spiele” from the digital publishing house Axel Springer. Since 2014 he has been advising gaming companies and indie developers in the areas of business development, communication, storytelling and game design. As an Esport- and Game-Consultant, he advises companies from other industries to enter the gaming industry and helps them develop new business models, gamification concepts and communication strategies. Oliver currently works for Game Seer as freelancer and is also co-founder of the regional industry networks gamecity:Hamburg and nextReality:Hamburg (XR)

Pixie & Rösty

Special odors dispensers

Our two mascots help us in our daily decision making. They love to roll on dead stuff and to chew on our game pads. They also have special skills such as barking loudly on the delivery guy or start bar brawls with the neighbor's cats. They were both way too cool not to be mentioned here and if you are invited over to our offices you will have the pleasure to pet them yourself


Aragami 2

Get prepared for online coop ninja madness!

Souls-like combat

In an isometric rpg!

Our opinion

The future of MMOs & social games

Working with us

Our incentives

We are partnering with @NecroDancerGame to bring you Sword of the NecroDancer: Crypt of the NecroDancer feat Sword of the Necromancer!
🔷Turn your foes into your dance crew!
🔷Remixed music tracks by @DaleNorth and other awesome artists

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