After multiple years deploying project financing in indie projects, we noticed that not a single team thinks alike and not a single production works like the other. Cultural differences, different level of skillsets and different objectives for a project will define very diverse needs that an investor must adapt to.

Based on our experience we decided to split our business model in three options that are what indie teams usually face as setup and needs

• Pure funding

Prefered for experienced teams that want full independence and already got trusted business partners, You want full creative freedom, no executive producer and no interference with your publishing efforts. You already have funding or a publisher and you seek an additional boost to wrap up your development costs

• Funding + Air Publishing

For teams needing a more comprehensive package. this approach aims at breaking publishing down to only what you need: we give you the budget to pay for services in a fully transparent and cooperative way. We will connect you to trusted and experienced business partners that can assist with localization, porting, QA & ux. We will take these services on our payroll and include them in our investment. you get pitched by vetted service providers, you decide if they are the right fit for you.

We add a marketing director to take care of first parties, world wide distribution, communication strategy, PR beats, influencers outreach, community management, media buying, trailers, store enhancements and all sort of innovative ways to generate traction online

• Co-funding with a publisher

Depending on the segment of your game, we might have an established publishing partner that will be interested in your project. We might then split the risk of the project’s cost by partnering with them. Their experience with helping in production and marketing might be invaluable.

On the other hand, you also have a better leverage with them as Game Seer finances part of your funding needs. Risks is reduced and cooperation is increased. You may also already have a publishing partner but are in need of further development cost, that setup fully works for us as well, we will bridge the financing and ensure everything is financed to bring your project to the market.

Regardless of which option you chose, get in touch with us here and we can send you a detailed Company Pitch


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