Improve your chances of being chosen quickly by a publisher

This is the perfect time to pitch your projects!” said Julien Cuny, Portfolio Director at Google Stadia, live from California.

Pitching your project is just the beginning of a long process—here are some tips to help you save time:

  • Keep in mind that your game represents you
  • Avoid leaving out details and looking like amateurs
  • Include high-quality videos and a slideshow that present the essence of your game
  • Ask developers you know and trust to listen to your pitch and give you feedback
  • Describe all the specifics, like the type of perspective used in the game

Usually, simple oversights don’t have major consequences, but here, neglecting the smallest detail can cost you dearly. You need to transmit the most information possible and make a good impression right from the start,” added Julien Cuny, a video games and entertainment specialist, sharing experience he acquired in Monaco, Paris, Montréal, Toronto, and California.


Build a co-development team that’s more than just a business relationship

100% of new AAA games are produced collaboratively,” said Julien Ramette, Business Development Director, and Nathalie Provost, Director of Codev Outsourcing—two Ubisoft executives located in France and Montréal, respectively.

They described the inner workings of video game production at Ubisoft that should be considered in your action plan:

  • You need to know how to work in collaboration with multiple production studios
  • You need to be able to manage multiple workplace cultures, which change from one team to the next
  • You need to be able to convince people you’re serious, but how?
    • Concentrate on innovation
    • Focus on production plan quality, the key steps of the project, and marketing strategy
    • Communicate clearly and honestly about the project’s issues and challenges
    • Aim to expand the cultural, social and educational framework of the game

It’s like signing a marriage contract!” Julien Ramette and Nathalie Provost emphasized.


Create games that people want to play

CEO of Game Seer Bertrand Vernizeau, who is based in Switzerland, recommends the following:

  • Make sure investors can visualize your concept without being in your head
  • Put your prototype in your investor’s hands, even though it’s your baby

There are no rules. Sub-par teams can make great games, while video game geeks from well-known companies don’t necessarily work well together. Team chemistry is what counts when it comes to finding an existing segment and developing it for the sake of the community,” specified Bertrand Vernizeau, an investor who is just about to release his latest game.


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