We are delighted to announce our first investment in Spain based Gato Salvaje’s “The Waylanders”.

After carrying out a successful kickstarter campaign and closing a multi-million dollar production budget, the studio is rapidly advancing towards shipping a most anticipated title for classic RPG lovers.

As we visited the studio, we were really impressed by their lean management as well as how clever the team was at managing resources. On top of being a game studio, Gato Salvaje has a real impact on the Spanish game industry as a part of the offices are reserved for students to come and learn about development in order to become attractive profiles for other studios or to later work at Gato Salvaje.

As investors, the team and its goals will always matter just as much as the game itself.  This unique blend of making and learning was the trigger for us to invest and has also enabled Gato Salvaje to secure both public and private funding to scale up their capacity to what is often now called III (triple I, triple Indie).

While sponsored and guided by renowned international artists such as Mike Laidlaw or Emily Grace Buck, the 40 people team led by Fernando and Sergio Prieto Prado works with passion to deliver one of the most impactful role playing game of 2020.

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